Entertainment & Creations
Mission Statement

To combine various forms of art and entertainment embracing innovative ideas to evolve and the world to experience.

OmniEra Entertainment was founded in the summer of 2002. Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, the company was
cultivated to serve the need of organization between a wide variety of artists & entertainers. Past events and shows have
combined nearly all forms of music with often unexpected corresponding types of dance. In association with these, many
types of visual effects such as props, lighting, painting, sculpture, and alternative venue have incorporated themselves to
create a new type of entertainment experience.

The subdivision OmniEra Creations was launched in Fall 2009 to expand the company's focus on visual & media arts.

Having been on the back burner for a couple of years, OmniEra holds respect to its live entertainment roots and will keep
updates on growth in that sector as it comes forward in 2014. The Creations division has expanded to include more visual
arts and continued marketing on exposing these professional artists in the San Francisco Bay Area. From music & dance, to
modeling & painting, OmniEra will continue to be a place of growth & enjoyment as we enter our second decade.
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